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About Us - Who is Rezjitsu?

Squire Redfern
Owner Rezjitsu
Operations, Marketing

I’m from the Pala Band of Mission Indians and the owner of Rezjitsu. I have my own little tribe of 9 kids and growing.. I’m a brown belt in jiujitsu and a professional MMA fighter.. Rezjitsu is my passion and starting my own gym is my dream to give our youth and our people an outlet for we’re natural fighters and warriors already.

Gmo Flores
Co-Owner Rezjitsu
Graphic Designer

Born and raised in San Diego, CA and now residing in Phoenix, AZ. I am the co-owner of Rezjitsu. We have a blended family of 10 kids and being a father, business owner and graphic designer is my passion. My goal is to take our brand beyond its limits with the other owners while helping people along the way. Want to collab? Need some products? Hit us up!

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